XORGON is a made up word which, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't mean anything.  I literally "dreamt" of it when I was 14 and had just started to learn English.  Woke up that morning and wrote it down on a sheet of paper which I've kept with me ever since - don't know why.  Thought it sounded very much like me and stuck with it as a pseudonym. No one ever calls me xorgon and I thank you all for not doing that.  I'm so used to seeing and saying the word that I can't tell whether I still like it or not.  It's just like a good old mask that serves the purpose right. A mask could be a good thing if you believe that "light is an exception and darkness is the rule".  It might help you decipher between the two - they're easily mistaken. Mistaken not for one another but for other real-life myths such as joy and gloom, pain and pleasure - supposedly obvious opposites, yet organic substitues.


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